Homes need heat. But people want warmth.

Rebrand and launch

The situation

For more than 50 years, Cadet’s quality and reliability made its electric heaters a favorite among contractors and builders. But to win the hearts of a new customer segment—consumers who shop online and at retail locations—Cadet needed to see itself, and be seen, in a new way.

What we did

We started by working with the Cadet team to re-explore their brand. What energizes their work? Why do their passions matter to customers? What do customers care about most? The result: a warmer, friendlier brand personality with a focus on energy efficiency. From there, it was all about bringing the brand to life. New logos and taglines, new voice and tone guidelines, redesigned product packaging and a restyled website gave Cadet a strong, comfortable presence with which consumers could connect.

What happened next

  • Cadet’s rebranding invigorated the company.
  • Employees found their focus and definition through the work:

“Faces lit up. … With each reveal, we saw smiling faces, nodding heads and heard comments like ‘Oh yeah, this is us’ and ‘Now I see why we needed this.’ What proved our success was when our most seasoned veterans applauded our new brand and our efforts of capturing the true essence of Cadet today. Our new brand simply states, ‘This is who we are.’ We are a group of people that truly build the products we’d want to keep our own families warm and comfortable.”

[Excerpt from a blog post from the Cadet CEO]

  • Two years later, the company sold at a high multiple, which the CEO attributed in part to the rebranding effort.


What we did
  • Brand positioning and management
  • Branding and design
  • Content and storytelling

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