Columbia Credit Union
New habits are heroic.

Integrated employee engagement campaign

The situation

Columbia Credit Union (CCU) had recently introduced new technology to improve performance and service. The enhancements sent change rippling through the organization. And with great change comes great responsibility. Success required employees to abandon familiar habits and learn to do things differently.

What we did

We made CCU employees the heroes of the story—actually, the superheroes. We created an integrated campaign designed to inform, inspire and bring out the best in CCU’s people. A united front of superheroes (Captain Collaboration, Doctor Doubletime, Professor X, Agent On-It and Futuro) came to life across CCU. The campaign included superhero collector cards, a “Find Your Superpower” quiz and more. Our work culminated in an organizationwide event complete with mask-and-cape photo ops and a rousing speech from the CEO that celebrated teamwork, progress and the CCU way.

What happened next

  • Employees got into the spirit of our messages and—unprompted—took ownership of the superhero roles and what they stood for.
  • They created their own masks and prompts, formed more teams and had more cross-functional conversations than organizers anticipated.
  • The overwhelming success and momentum of the event made it a great kickoff for the next phase of the campaign, which included specific capabilities training.

Columbia Credit Union

What we did
  • Employee engagement
  • Content and storytelling
  • Branding and design
  • Digital and print campaigns
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