CR reporting is not a check-the-box exercise.

Environmental report

The situation

Google is one of the world’s most recognized and admired brands. Yet the technology giant said little about its sustainability efforts over the years, while others in the industry stepped up as leaders. So the world’s expectations for the company’s first full-scale environmental sustainability report were sky-high. Environmental groups, nongovernmental organizations, and media outlets would be watching intently. Not to mention employees, shareholders and customers.

What we did

This was not a check-the-box reporting exercise. We crafted a story about Google’s environmental progress to not only solidify the company’s leadership in the industry but also showcase how Google is helping people around the world use technology and information—the things most core to the business—to make the entire planet more sustainable. How? By blending traditional reporting on large-scale impact with spotlight stories that home in on the human-scale efforts and outcomes.

What happened next

  • 120,000 downloads and 10 million site visits in a single day
  • An “A” grade from Greenpeace on its 2017 Clicking Clean report
  • Positive media buzz from The Guardian newspaper and other publications


What we did
  • Content and storytelling
  • Corporate responsibility (CR) strategy
  • Brand identity
  • CR programs, communications and reporting
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