HP Brand Innovation Lab
Brand love starts from within.

Giving employees an experience to remember

Technology consumers don’t buy products. They buy experiences. HP had spent decades bringing people quality technology products—but it wasn’t offering customers the memorable experiences they had come to expect from brands like Apple and Google. HP’s leaders needed to speak to customers in a new way. To do that, they had to completely rethink their brand story.

We started with one core idea: A brand is only as strong as its people. Reinvigorating HP’s brand meant reaching the people who live it: HP employees. We developed the Brand Innovation Lab, a new kind of brand experience that challenged employees to think about the very idea of a brand differently. Not in terms of engagement or loyalty—but in terms of love.

So what does “brand love” look like? Stories of how leading brands like Harley-Davidson and Starbucks have captured the imaginations of their customers. Email newsletters that tapped into compelling events in the worlds of branding, technology and storytelling. Speaking engagements with innovative thinkers and storytellers like Ira Glass and Malcolm Gladwell.

The three-year program included events, publications, ads, sales tools, posters and other content designed to stretch employees’ ideas of what their brand stood for and what it could be.

The experience gave employees a new way to look at HP’s brand—and new reasons to share it.



What we did
  • Brand strategy
  • Story development
  • Editorial planning
  • Campaign building
  • Design
  • Writing
  • Print production
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