ICS Diamond Tools and Equipment
Construction is more than work—it’s craft.


The situation

ICS lacked a consistent digital presence. The world leader in precision cutting tools believed it could solve the problem with a new website. But we knew that to stand out among competitors, ICS needed a bigger change. It needed to veer away from the imagery that its audience was used to seeing. Most of the time marketing to construction workers involves a lot of brawn and mud. But during interviews, we learned that construction workers view raw muscle as the least of their assets. They see themselves as skilled craftsmen.

What we did

We gave the audience a vision of the extraordinary craftsmanship they’re capable of when they choose a premium instrument. The website we built showcased the power of precision over the ruggedness of the job. The site uses real-world stories and unique visuals to differentiate ICS products by illustrating the intricate beauty they make possible. For example, we showed artisan stonecutters using ICS Diamond Chain Technology to restore the Notre Dame Cathedral with low-impact precision.

What happened next

  • Now customers around the globe can learn about and buy ICS products via the website: http://icsdiamondtools.com/.
  • The platform offers all the flexibility our clients require, including an intuitive dealer locater and easy-to-change content and images—essential for a constantly evolving product line.

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What we did
  • Content strategy and editorial planning
  • Content and storytelling
  • Branding and design
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