Betsy Henning

CEO and Founder

“Story is the key. It’s how humans have always learned, connected, grown and evolved. Always will be.”

In a nearsighted universe, Betsy’s got vision. She manages to see easily what so many struggle to identify. Needs. Opportunities. Change. Trends. Meaning. Connection. Stories. Part visionary, part generator, Betsy walks point. She’ll find—and lead—the way forward, ambiguity be damned.

Her vision gave rise to AHA well before anyone was talking about content or brand storytelling. From the beginning, she wanted to create an environment where amazing clients with tall challenges could turn to an incredibly talented group of folks for answers. Or, as she sees it, the place where stories, language and communications come together to accelerate progress. With a journalist's instincts, she zeroes in on the sweet spot where strategic and creative intersect. Just ask anyone who’s worked with her.

Betsy is borderline obsessive when it comes to the arts and the role they play in building vibrant communities. Volunteer. Mentor. Patron. Fundraiser. Instigator. Anything that helps people find their voice and express themselves. Because few things are more powerful than a great story well told.


  • BS, Journalism, Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism
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