Chelsea Descombes

Writer and Editor

If there were a gold medal for listening, Chelsea would be a top contender. It might not sound as exciting as luge or dressage. But for her, taking the time to really hear what people are saying—and often what they’re not—is the only sure way to win the prize.

Chelsea champions quality storytelling with her curiosity and journalistic bona fides. As the content lead for one of our largest clients, she exhibits the cool competence of a seasoned pro. When the going gets tough, she never loses her positive attitude or her thoughtful attention to detail.

Chelsea doesn’t slow down when she’s off the clock. Running races. Playing the violin. Chipping away at her novel. Chelsea is always pushing herself—and us—to crush the next assignment.


  • BA, English Literature, Eastern Washington University
  • BA, Journalism, Eastern Washington University
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