Cheri Govro

Director of Talent and Culture

“A great place to work is about more than the work. It’s about spending your days with smart, creative, kind people who truly care about what they do.”

Sure, it’s a cliché. But we’re gonna say it anyway. Cheri is a people person. Seriously, absolutely and unapologetically a person who cares about people. Which is great, because so much of what she does involves matchmaking—between people, their talents and the culture here at AHA.

Cheri’s been at this for more than 40 years. At big corporations and little startups. What she loves most is providing every possible tool—compensation, recognition, benefits, a cool sandbox to play in—so people can be and perform their very best.

Her spirit animal is basically any animal in need of rescue. Or maybe it’s her horse. Or one of her two standard poodles. They’re a lot like people. Which might help explain why she relates to them so well. Like we said, she’s a people person.


  • BA, Administration and Management, Columbia Pacific University
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