Pamela Fiehn

Senior Creative Director

Pamela is the ultimate connector. Of dots, ideas, trends—you name it. She might seem quiet at first, observing, listening, asking, thinking. And then she absolutely nails it. The killer concept. The heart of the story. The idea that’s so good, it feels like it should have been obvious.

She’s the chief creative inspirer on our corporate responsibility work, and she’s dead set on transforming how the world thinks and talks about sustainability. How? She’s leading a charge to rethink the entire lexicon of sustainability with the Unglossary. Why? Because she believes language and story have the power to change the way people think—and move them to act. And she’ll make you believe it too.

Pamela’s a lover of observation. And then learning some more. About people and what makes them tick. Anthropology, psychology, sociology, art. Especially art in all its forms, along with the creative processes of the artists who make it. And she draws on all of it in her work and in her own art. Girl’s got serious skills.


  • MA, English Literature, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • BA, English and Women’s Studies, University of Rochester


  • GRI certified
  • Board member, Write Around Portland
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