Tammy Espinosa

SR Exec Assistant And Events/Office Manager

One of the first things Tammy did when she joined AHA was whip our snack closet into shape. All those bags of M&Ms and peanut butter–filled pretzels that had once been a jumble are now arranged and sorted into gleaming bins. That’s Tammy: She’ll give you something sweet, but she has standards about how you’re going to get it.

Tammy’s skills in planning and uber-efficiency come from years of experience in fast-moving, no-excuses industries like motion pictures, real estate development and court reporting.

When she’s on her own time, Tammy’s scheming a winning strategy in anticipation of the day she’s selected for The Amazing Race. Or she’s puzzling through the latest crime drama. Whodunnit? You can bet Tammy knows.

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