Every day we are bombarded with an endless stream of media trying to alter our opinions on hot issues. We picked a few gems that inspired conversations at AHA to share with you. Start a thought-provoking discussion with your crew.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” —Wayne Dyer, self-help guru

1. N.Y.C. officials call for mandatory diversity effort in the boardroom

The New York Times reports that last year, “almost two-thirds of board members at Fortune 500 companies were white men.” Diversity in senior operational positions is astoundingly low, and people are demanding change. The NFL instituted the “Rooney Rule,” which requires leagues to interview minorities for head coach and other senior-level positions. Now, New York City comptrollers are calling for an adaptation of the Rooney Rule for top executives.

2. How Salesforce closed the pay gap between men and women

How can companies close the pay gap? Nip it in the bud on day one. Salesforce created a new set of job codes and integrated them to ensure everyone performing similar work is compensated equally.

3. Why can’t we agree on what’s true anymore?

Fake news. Skepticism. Filter bubbles. How do these suspicions affect your brand? With the assumption of ulterior motives around every move made, how can your brand express transparency and gain trust with consumers?

4. Can this company build a better carbon offset?

Grist explains, “Carbon offset programs are typically billed as an undo button for climate-harmful activities.” How often are these programs successful? Seattle-based Nori is using blockchain technology to combat concerns by working with companies to remove carbon dioxide from the air.