Heather Stanley

Senior Copyeditor

Nothing gets by Heather. Not misspelled names, misplaced modifiers or misguided commas. Not flabby phrasing, passive sentences or inactive hyperlinks. Not double negatives or singular theys (unless that’s your style). At AHA, Heather is our safety net—literally our last pair of eyes—making sure our writing is lean and clean before it goes live.

Heather keeps her cool under pressure, and it’s no surprise: She learned how to polish prose and correct grammar mistakes under the tight deadlines of newspaper journalism. Since then, her eagle eyes have gone to work for a steady stream of organizations—a local grocery chain, a global nonprofit, and a major U.S. brokerage and banking company, to name a few.

Away from the office, Heather decompresses with good books—David Sedaris and exposés about political or religious scams are favorites (nothing gets by her!). She’s also an aromatherapy fan and has the sweetest-smelling cubicle in the office, hands down.


  • BA, English, Oregon State University


  • Member of the American Copy Editors Society
  • Certified Master Recycler
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