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Diversity, equity and inclusion at AHA

Achieving authentic diversity, equity and inclusion is a fundamental part of doing the right thing for our people, our business, our clients and the world we all live in. We’re committed to the ongoing project of building on our strengths and addressing our blind spots to ensure that everyone at AHA is in a position to thrive. This is difficult, vital work. And we still have much to do.

What we’re doing:

  • Collaborating with DEI consultants to assess our entire organization, lay out a strategic diversity road map and help guide our change management strategy
  • Empowering our DEI Committee to help hold our agency accountable
  • Establishing employee resource groups to help foster a more inclusive workplace by supporting our employees personally and professionally
  • Working with HR diversity experts to establish inclusive hiring
  • Creating conversation and collaboration with regular, agencywide training on unconscious bias, microaggressions, allyship and more

Where we’re headed:

This is an open, ongoing conversation. A necessary one that seeks out all voices. While we will celebrate good intentions and best efforts, we will measure success by real-world actions taken and changes made.

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Who we are right now:

Transparency matters. We know there’s a long road toward stronger diversity ahead of us, but identifying exactly where we stand today will help us measure our progress along the way.

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