“Story is the key. It’s how humans have always learned, connected, grown and evolved. Always will be.”Betsy Henning, AHA Founder

Over 25 years ago, long before agencies were talking about content or brand storytelling, Betsy Henning understood this power of story. And did something about it. She had a vision to create an environment where clients with big plans and tall challenges could accelerate their progress in partnership with an incredibly talented mix of people who knew exactly how to zero in on the sweet spot where strategy and creative intersect.

Today, we are proud to be part of FINN Partners, a global independent marketing and communications firm, while remaining rooted in the Portland metro area. We’re a passionate group united toward a single purpose: to make brand communications more relevant and valuable for everyone.

Our vision is to build an environment where everyone has a voice and they’re not afraid to use it. And where curiosity drives us to never stop learning.

Our shared values

Strive together:
Win, lose, learn—we do it side by side, supporting and creating space for all.

Work that works:
We ask ourselves: Is it purposeful? Smart? Brave? Carry on.

Grow good:
In our lives. In our communities. In our world.

Meet AHA

Betsy Henning
Betsy HenningManaging Partner

Betsy Henning

Managing Partner

“Story is the key. It’s how humans have always learned, connected, grown and evolved. Always will be.”

In a nearsighted universe, Betsy’s got vision. She manages to see easily what so many struggle to identify. Needs. Opportunities. Change. Trends. Meaning. Connection. Stories. Part visionary, part generator, Betsy walks point. She’ll find—and lead—the way forward, ambiguity be damned.

Her vision gave rise to AHA well before anyone was talking about content or brand storytelling. From the beginning, she wanted to create an environment where amazing clients with tall challenges could turn to an incredibly talented group of folks for answers. Or, as she sees it, the place where stories, language and communications come together to accelerate progress. With a journalist’s instincts, she zeroes in on the sweet spot where strategic and creative intersect. Just ask anyone who’s worked with her.

Betsy is borderline obsessive when it comes to the arts and the role they play in building vibrant communities. Volunteer. Mentor. Patron. Fundraiser. Instigator. Anything that helps people find their voice and express themselves. Because few things are more powerful than a great story well told.


BS, Journalism, Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism

Brent Wilson
Brent WilsonSenior Partner

Brent Wilson

Senior Partner

“Our work is about finding the authentic, relevant moments that matter most in people’s lives. Then being there for them in the right way, at the right time.”

Brent’s cup isn’t half full. It’s overflowing with possibilities. He’s our big-idea guy. Always looking for the “it”—the singular, bold, brave idea at the heart of everything worth doing.

Throughout his storied career in advertising and marketing, Brent has led the charge to recast the agency model. To put the audience first. With every account, every project, every time. He’s had a front-row view of what he sees as a transformation of the very idea of modern marketing—from a “sell, sell, sell” mentality to the realization that brands have to earn their way into people’s lives in meaningful, authentic ways. The result? Consistent creative excellence across teams inspired to create brave, smart work that truly connects with people.

Want to find Brent? Better buckle up. Because whether he’s golfing, hiking the Coast Range or doing some high-performance driving, the man likes to go fast. Really fast. All the better to get to the next challenge ahead.


BA, Communications, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

AA, Commercial Graphics, Southern Illinois University Carbondale


Cannes Lions Award

Multiple ADDY Awards, American Advertising Federation

Numerous REGGIE Awards, Brand Activation Association

Abby NixtAccount Supervisor

Abby Nixt

Account Supervisor

Open and earnest, Abby instills trust simply by being herself. In return, her approach elicits authenticity in those around her—fostering connection and collaboration, even across geographical distance. Her work builds cohesion, confidence and momentum. Her results are the real deal.

By pouring herself into her clients’ point of view, Abby understands what matters most: who they want to reach, how they want to be reached, the ask behind the ask. Then she uses her get-it-done intensity to deliver just that.

In her other life, Abby is a certified yoga instructor. She excels at holding space for her students in a place where they can unwind and open to the world. And when it’s time for her to do the same, you’ll find her deep in the quiet of the Pacific Northwest’s forests, guiding her 4Runner far past where pavement ends.


BA, Mass Communications: Advertising, Winona State University

Alicia Katzman
Alicia KatzmanSenior Partner

Alicia Katzman

Senior Partner

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Maya Angelou spoke those words, and Alicia took them to heart. Her knack for creative solutions welcomes client challenges, while her passion for analytics ensures every detail is accounted for. She employs an approach crafted from decades of experience—one that starts with active listening and ends with exceeding expectations.

For more than 20 years Alicia has advocated for clients, including JPMorgan Chase, Charles Schwab, BlackRock and Visa. Her appreciation of the creative process aids in her ability to go to bat for an idea that meets the client’s objectives. With grace that only comes from decades of industry experience, she weds client and creative to yield great work.

When not embodying the wisdom of world-renowned wordsmiths, Alicia turns her analytical mind to something more tactile. She knits skeins of yarn into sweaters and accessories, styling each to match the person she’s making it for exactly.


BA, Classics and Humanities, University of Arizona

Alicia Gesner-480×600
Alicia GesnerStrategy Director

Alicia Gesner

Strategy Director

Alicia thinks like a pointillist. She doesn’t just connect the dots—she paints with them, turning her meticulous grasp of the details into the big picture no one else could see.

Alicia collaborates closely with her clients, getting to know their business beyond the bounds and depth of the project at hand. She leads her team to a clear-eyed place of understanding. They adopt her calm and confidence. For clients like Charles Schwab, Google and Moody’s, the result is work that is both highly imaginative and intensely practical.

Away from work, Alicia plays the angles. She invests in real estate. She dominates several fantasy football leagues. She plans vacations with color-coded maps and recreational spreadsheets. Because that perfect place where all the data points start to converge and coalesce? That’s the best part.


BS, Journalism, University of Oregon


Platinum Award, Professional Services Website for Mackenzie, MarCom Awards

Honorable Mention, Website Redesign for Mackenzie, MarCom Awards

Member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services

Alisa Geary-480×600
Alisa GearyPartner, Finance and Administration

Alisa Geary

Partner, Finance and Administration

Alisa leads the way by helping us walk the walk. Pragmatic, strategic and decisive, she runs the teams and processes at the heart of our business. Establishing priorities and standards. Delivering on our commitments. Ensuring our culture lives up to our values. Her work brings structure to our human-centered goals and humanity to our business-centered structures.

Alisa thinks in systems. From her position at the center of operations, she searches for through lines connecting seemingly unrelated issues. She sees how the needs and opportunities of one team overlap with those of another. Then she applies her deep experience, deft touch and the latest technology to create solutions that ripple across the business.

Away from work, Alisa enjoys helping loved ones navigate dilemmas of every shape and size. Relationship issues and soup recipes. How to establish a trust fund and how to extinguish a way-too-fiery barbecue grill. More than offering answers, she provides company in the moments it matters most. For Alisa, the only thing better than solving a problem is solving it together.


BA, Business Administration, Oregon State University

BS, Accounting and Finance, Oregon State University


CPA, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (inactive)

Member: AICPA

Alyssa DiJoseph-480×600
Alyssa DiJosephAssociate Creative Director

Alyssa DiJoseph

Associate Creative Director

Absorbing. Processing. Sorting. These words may sound like they’re straight from a Psych 101 textbook, but they actually come from Alyssa’s daily playbook. She’s a strategic thinker who quickly transforms mountains of information into a clear plan for the team.

A certain restlessness and abundant creativity mean Alyssa thrives on exploration—whether it’s a high-level creative concept or the precise way to turn a phrase. She knows there’s no single path to a solution and that the magic lies in what you might uncover along the way.

Alyssa’s thirst for discovery continues beyond the workday. Whether it’s sniffing out a hidden waterfall, unlocking a surprising flavor combination or unearthing the perfect thrift store tee, she’s always searching for that next unexpected find.


BS, Advertising, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Minor, Leadership Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alyssa Diltz-480×600
Alyssa ChanAssociate Creative Director

Alyssa Chan

Associate Creative Director

Do you hear the  thwap!  that words make on a page? Alyssa does. To her, writing is more than syntax and sentences, paragraphs and punctuation. It’s sounds and textures. Smells and tastes. It’s a visceral experience.

Senses drive her work. And that includes a sixth one: business sense. When our clients at Charles Schwab Compliance Solutions needed help defining their business for a wider audience, Alyssa zeroed in on their core story. Then, she gave them a power-packed voice that helped articulate that story in a meaningful, memorable way.

As an aerialist and circus performer (yes, you read that correctly), Alyssa expresses herself off the page, too. She spins. Drops from great heights. Pushes the boundaries of movement and strength. She believes the best stories are the ones that take you up, over, under and through—but never leave you hanging.


BA, English, Western Washington University


GRI certified

Andy Kendig-480×600
Andy KendigSenior Designer

Andy Kendig

Senior Designer

Sketching. Cutting. Gluing. Ripping. Stamping. Andy’s not afraid to get hands-on and messy along the way to a clean design. In fact, he loves it.

His best ideas often start as rough lines and smudged colors on a sketch pad before he polishes them with the precision of bits and bytes. Andy’s tactile approach draws him into the project and keeps him in touch with the audience—inspiring work that feels undeniably original.

His old-school cred and analog spirit also show through in other ways. He’s collected more than 1,500 vinyl records—including every single released by Prince—and shot photos in Africa on black-and-white film with a Holga plastic camera. Because for Andy, getting in close is what makes a great experience.


AA, Graphic Design, Portland Community College

Studied photography at California College of Arts and Crafts (now California College of the Arts) and Pacific Northwest College of Art

Ariel Diltz
Ariel DiltzContent Strategist

Ariel Diltz

Content Strategist

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Nope, it’s not the opening to an Abbott & Costello routine. These are the tools in Ariel’s forensic kit. Never taking anything at face value, Ariel leans into research, piecing together clues to get at the core truth of each strategic challenge. Anyone might ask, “What do we already know?” Ariel eyes the shadows and wonders, “What are we missing?”

Her great joy is leading clients and creative colleagues toward insights that unlock new ideas. At work as she is in life—from writing music to exploring new recipes—Ariel thrives on pushing herself and inspires others to do the same.

“A pinch of sage in this cake? Change the chord to G minor?” What if?


B.A. Philosophy, minor in Political Science, Western Washington University

Bana Mulholland
Bana MulhollandProject Director

Bana Mulholland

Project Director

Sitting behind a teal-blue sewing machine, listening to Edith Piaf on a 1967 Motorola record player of the same color, Bana completes the last stitch on an ultra-light hoodie. Once a hobby, she turned it into a business when she realized an opportunity to help thru-hikers keep their ounces down. This penchant for problem-solving isn’t anything new; it’s vintage Bana.

A creative at heart, Bana has a genuine enthusiasm for great ideas and understands what it takes to turn them into a reality. In her role at AHA, she uses these insights and her background working for some impactful companies to figure out how to make things work—for her clients and her team. With her “never say never” attitude, Bana exceeds expectations and comes up with ways to hit the trifecta: delivering projects on time, on budget and with exceptional quality.

When she’s not making project management look easy, Bana heads outside where she laces up her old-school roller skates, swaps her vinyl for a pair of earbuds—shuffling between classic rock, hip-hop, rap and funk—and contemplates how to tackle her next big project.


BS, Epidemiology, Portland State University

Betsy Robson
Betsy RobsonChief of Staff

Betsy Robson

Chief of Staff

People, processes, problems, potential: organizations are ever-changing, complex organisms. Keeping all the systems and staff healthy and in sync requires constant care and attention. You’ve got to see the big picture strategy while minding day-to-day operational details. Those are exactly the abilities Betsy Robson brings to AHA and her role as Chief of Staff.

As the right-hand human to AHA’s Founder and Managing Partner, Betsy serves as liaison between staff and leadership. She ensures the agency runs at peak performance and embodies a positive, people-first culture—so everyone here can in turn deliver our best work on behalf of clients.

Betsy’s favorite question might be, How can we make this better? She always finds an answer. That’s because of her indefatigable, solutions-oriented nature. And because she’s spent some 15 years working for creative and marketing agencies across strategy, operations and business development functions.

Betsy lives and works from her home office near Des Moines, Iowa—within easy reach of the city’s vibrant entertainment scene as well as the open countryside. “It’s not heaven, but it’s close to it,” she says. When she’s not busy optimizing our business, she’s usually with her family exploring playgrounds and restaurants, singing (offkey) to whatever is on the turntable and laughing—a lot. Betsy can fireman carry just about anyone, no matter their stature or size. Feel free to ask her to prove it!


BA, Iowa State University, Advertising

Brandon WoolleyProject Director

Brandon Woolley

Project Director

When the curtain falls and a wave of applause fills the air, Brandon is overcome with two emotions: pride and relief. It’s the same rush every time. He’s been involved in professional theater for over a decade, and no matter how many productions he’s acted in, directed, produced or cast, it never gets old. In his role at AHA, he takes his theatrical skills to a new level.

Brandon manages every project the way he would direct a show—by ensuring the cast is on the same page, has the information they need, knows their roles and is ready when the curtain goes up. His approach? Communication and collaboration.

Brandon has worked with a lot of powerhouses over the years, but today his favorites are the four hens he’s raising on his urban farm—Liza, Lucy, Betty and Dolly—alongside his dog Rosalie. The world is his stage, and he’s proven time and again that he can adapt to any role.


BFA, Theatre Performance, Baylor University

Brian Lanahan-480×600
Brian LanahanChief Strategist

Brian Lanahan

Chief Strategist

Brian has amazing ears. Like the sensitive elephant in  Horton Hears a Who,  his favorite Dr. Seuss character, Brian homes in on the faint voices floating just below the surface noise. He draws out the emerging idea, then shapes it into language that moves people.

His all-star listening skills help Brian spot the pattern in seemingly unrelated activities. The core truth hiding in the details. The real challenge we need to solve. He combs through pop culture, history, literature and business trends to reveal the fundamental insight that will fuel a killer strategy.

To Brian, making business a life-affirming force in the world is the soul of corporate responsibility. He’s a master at helping purposeful brands claim their places—and find their voices—as heroes in the story of a brighter future.


MBA, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

BA, History, Duke University


Adjunct faculty member, Presidio Graduate School

GRI certified

Carrie Johnston-480×600
Carrie JohnstonSenior Content Manager

Carrie Johnston

Senior Content Manager

Typos, logic flaws and accidental insinuations. These are the kinds of slip-ups that can cost a company its audience. They’re also the kind of detail that others may miss, but not Carrie. She knows that finding and correcting these flaws is the ounce of prevention that is worth a costly cure.

As the last set of eyes on each project she’s part of, Carrie’s goal is for clients to never notice her work. Once all the creativity has coalesced into something that dazzles and delights, Carrie rolls up her sleeves and begins stress-testing. She asks the questions no one’s asking, pokes holes in assertions and verifies that each choice is a thoughtful one—everything our clients need to help them build a consistent brand their audience trusts.

When she’s not working, she trades her disciplined adherence to style guides and grammar rules for the dirt, sweat and tears that accompany competitive mountain biking. As raucous as the sport can be, Carrie loves the calm precision of each maneuver. She knows that each of these decisions can make all the difference in setting a new personal record.


BA, English Language & Literature/Letters, Portland State University

Minor, Non-Fiction Writing, Portland State University


TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate

Chris CobbSenior Writer

Chris Cobb

Senior Writer

Chris has always experienced life with a screenwriter’s eye. He is both present in the moment and able to see himself from outside of the scene, observing the telling details, the grit and textures of everyday life. He picks an angle, frames it, zooms out to see how each piece fits into the bigger story. And then, because it feels inevitable, he writes about it.

Throughout his extensive storytelling career, Chris has used this innate observation skill to find truths. For each of his clients, he pores over a topic, examining the world he immerses himself in while also stepping outside to see it through a new lens. Eventually, he encounters something that resonates—something arresting that, at first, he can’t articulate. Then he writes and rewrites until he has excavated the string of words that perfectly capture the truth he’s found. It’s a satisfying feeling that he’s never stopped chasing.

When he’s not buried in the pages of a book, whether that’s reading someone else’s or writing his own, Chris can be found in water. The calm state of mind that washes over him when he’s paddling, floating or scuba diving is something Chris has never analyzed about himself. And he wants to keep it that way.


BA, Film & Television, minor in Comparative Literature (French & English), University of Southern California

Dan HamptonAssociate IT Manager

Dan Hampton

Associate IT Manager

There is a method to Dan’s everything. He’s a consummate planner, budgeter and prioritizer. He allocates resources for technology demands that have not yet arrived and visualizes the ripple effects of potential solutions before he puts a plan in motion.

His orderly approach creates a calm that’s contagious. When time is short, stakes are high and the problem is murky—Dan’s in his element. He breathes easy, shares a reassuring word and maps the issue at hand against the thousands he’s solved before. He knows structured thinking enables a quicker path to the answer.

Whenever he gets the chance, Dan takes his methodical habits on vacation. He builds an agenda for every activity, meal and moment’s respite. Then he sets out to bask in the peace of mind he’s usually creating for everyone else.


AAT, Network Technology, Clark College

Demitri Powers-480×600
Demitri PowersSenior Art Director

Demitri Powers

Senior Art Director

Demitri is dedicated to uncovering the least obvious idea. To finding magic where others forget to look. He lives in pursuit of inspiration—the moment when imagination meets insight, giving teammates and clients confidence that anything is possible.

With over 18 years of design experience, Demitri seizes opportunities to stretch. He challenges the ordinary, infusing mindful creativity into everything he touches. Each project is a chance to dig deeper. To bring hidden meaning and value to the surface.

When he’s not restoring vintage action figures, Demitri is likely adding to his list of terrible movies. Like Indiana Jones on a quest for a rare gem, Demitri passionately searches for the best of the worst. (His favorite example is Ninja III: The Domination.) He finds joy in pinpointing every opportunity the director missed to make the film better. With an eye for both the big picture and the small details, Demitri was made for the director’s chair.


BS, Graphic Design, Art Institute of Portland

Doug Daniels-480×600
Doug DanielsSenior Art Director

Doug Daniels

Senior Art Director

Doug is in the details. A nuance enthusiast, he has a contagious joy for getting things just right. His work shapes and sharpens the talents of those around him. He hones good work until it’s superb—using an encyclopedic understanding of brand standards to guide clients to places they’ve never imagined.

With a soft smile and a sharp eye, Doug instills trust at every step of the creative process. He makes collaboration less guarded and more audacious. Imaginations fly higher when he’s there to help them land on target. Projects race faster when he keeps them grounded in the possible.

For fun, Doug teaches himself all the complicated crafts it takes to remodel his home. His projects have spanned plumbing, masonry and the installation of everything from floor tiles to crown molding. Now he’s sharpening his woodworking skills so that he can build the ideal furniture to complete his design. For Doug, every task is a new chance to pursue perfection.


BFA, Graphic Design, East Carolina University


2019 Communicator Award of Excellence in Marketing and Communications

Emily GillespieSenior Writer

Emily Gillespie

Senior Writer

Emily has gone undercover with police for a drug bust. She’s rushed into a burning building. And left everything behind to circumnavigate the globe with her husband. Yeah, it’s fair to say she’s willing to try anything once. This same fearlessness shines through with everything she does—including her writing.

In her eyes, good content isn’t just engaging; it’s grounded in truth. So before Emily puts pen to paper (or finger to key), she uses her investigative skills to uncover truths. Truths about people. Businesses. Products. Trends. Truths that clients didn’t even know existed. Then she packages them in a way that not only informs readers but also rewards them for their time.

Emily is never one to back down from an opportunity—or a challenge. Whether exploring Mount Kilimanjaro or the mountains of information she gathers for her writing, she goes all in and invites everyone to come along on her journey. But be sure to pack appropriately—you never know where you may end up.


BA, Journalism: Magazine and News Editorial, University of Oregon

Erin Donaldson-480×600
Erin DonaldsonSenior Project Manager

Erin Donaldson

Senior Project Manager

You know what happens when you assume? Erin doesn’t. She asks the simple questions. The big questions. The how-did-she-know-to-ask questions that help the team anticipate obstacles. More than detailed, she’s seriously, joyfully, ridiculously meticulous.

Erin pairs this approach with deep digital marketing expertise. From strategy and architecture to design, development and testing, her experience adds value and clarity. And her insights help teams stay on the same page, on schedule and on budget.

Erin has always found joy in being thorough. As a child, she built spreadsheets of the names of her Beanie Babies, cross-referenced by etymology and onomastics (name meaning and history, respectively). As an adult, she helps her friends think all the way through their big life decisions. With warmth and diligence, Erin gives those around her the confidence to overcome any obstacle.


BA, Media Studies, University of California, Berkeley


Google Analytics Certified

PPC, SEO, and Technical SEO certified by SEMrush

Giuseppe Lipari-480×600
Giuseppe LipariCreative Director

Giuseppe Lipari

Creative Director

Giuseppe notices. How you talk. What you care about. The gems other people often miss. His observations make him quick with a disarming smile and reassuring joke. His perceptions propel his work. He leads clients and coworkers to astonishing solutions that, in hindsight, make perfect sense.

His demeanor is gentle; his ambition is booming. Grounded by a firm understanding of client needs, Giuseppe frees his team to take big creative leaps—liberated from the logical, unbounded by the obvious—hitting the target with enough force and ingenuity to make a difference. Working with Giuseppe means getting heard in the first meeting and getting surprised in every meeting.

An incurable artist, Giuseppe spent years crafting movie posters for art house flicks, including one that went on to win Best Picture in the Academy Awards. Now, he fills nights and weekends capturing the world around him in paint. His work dots galleries and coffee shops and friends’ homes. He has portraits and self-portraits going back 20 years. Captivated by undertones, he loves the subtleties that convey a personality.


BFA, Illustration, Parsons School of Design


Board member, NW Disability Support, an advocacy organization for individuals with disabilities in Oregon and SW Washington.

Involved for years with individual school foundations within Portland Public Schools

Winner, Key Art Award

Member of various artists’ groups, showing artwork from time to time

Heather Stanley-480×600
Heather StanleySenior Copyeditor

Heather Stanley

Senior Copyeditor

Nothing gets by Heather. Not misspelled names, misplaced modifiers or misguided commas. Not flabby phrasing, passive sentences or inactive hyperlinks. Not double negatives or singular  theys  (unless that’s your style). At AHA, Heather is our safety net—literally our last pair of eyes—making sure our writing is lean and clean before it goes live.

Heather keeps her cool under pressure, and it’s no surprise: She learned how to polish prose and correct grammar mistakes under the tight deadlines of newspaper journalism. Since then, her eagle eyes have gone to work for a steady stream of organizations—a local grocery chain, a global nonprofit and a major U.S. brokerage and banking company, to name a few.

Away from the office, Heather decompresses with good books—David Sedaris and exposés about political or religious scams are favorites (nothing gets by her!). She’s also an aromatherapy fan and has the sweetest-smelling cubicle in the office, hands down.


BA, English, Oregon State University


Member of the American Copy Editors Society

Certified Master Recycler

Jake Saunders
Jake SaundersArt Director

Jake Saunders

Art Director

For Jake, every creative choice matters. He collects records with stellar album artwork and chooses restaurants based on outstanding signage. Thoughtful design, he says, shows exactly how much someone cares about what they do, and he doesn’t settle for anything less than passionate.

Deeply personal connections can be made through design, and Jake is quick to put his own ego on the backburner for the sake of that connection. And his clients benefit from that. With each project, Jake puts himself in the audience’s shoes and will do whatever is necessary to ensure each design choice sends a clear, compelling message. He’ll learn a new program or try a new approach—he won’t stop until he’s struck that chord.

In his spare time, Jake enjoys getting lost in music, books and story-based video games. He revels in dedicated artistry, where storytelling and design work in such perfect harmony you don’t even notice it. It’s exactly what he strives for as a creator.


AA, Applied Sciences Communication Design, Virginia Western Community College

Jessica Nelson-480×600
Jessica NelsonPartner, Project Management

Jessica Nelson

Partner, Project Management

How can one person be both spontaneous  and  deliberate? A thoughtful relationship builder  and  a tough-as-nails deadline beater? First, you have to possess whip-smart attention to detail. Second, you have to be Jessica.

She’s constantly finding new ways to deliver faster results, look at projects from different angles and recommend solutions before a challenge strikes. But wait, you ask. How does she balance competing priorities, multiple stakeholders and budget constraints—all while maintaining professional grace and a forever upbeat attitude? We have no idea. Our cloning attempts have been unsuccessful thus far.

Away from the office, Jessica is still smitten with the details. She nerds out on personal finance, and she’s transforming her home into a palace, one room at a time.


BA, Communication, University of Washington

TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate

Jill DavisContent and Marketing Director

Jill Davis

Content and Marketing Director

Jill enjoys synthesizing impenetrable thickets of information, uncovering the truth and finding the path forward. Why such a penchant for challenge and complexity? Because the hardest problems, she’ll tell you, contain the greatest opportunities to free up locked potential.

The approach makes her well-suited to her current role as our content and marketing lead for employee engagement at FINN Partners. For workers and employers alike, the working world has changed, hugely so. It’s a vast unknown, new territory—exactly the kind of “problem” Jill loves.

With a Master of Journalism from the University of California, Berkeley, Jill has worked across the brand-marketing-communications ecosystem. No matter the role or project, she believes the first order of business is to get the story right. She remains a stubborn optimist and won’t stop pushing for a brighter future for all.


BA, Theater Arts, University of Texas

Master of Journalism, University of California, Berkeley


Executive Certificate in Digital Marketing, Cornell University

Kaitie Todd-480×600
Kaitie ToddContent Manager

Kaitie Todd

Content Manager

Kaitie hears the code in the static. She spots the pattern among stray details. She lives in the nitty-gritty nuances of style guides, client feedback and projects nearing completion. She accelerates progress while surfacing new ways we can work smarter, cleaner, closer and braver. Kaitie’s work multiplies the impact of those around her.

When the pressure is on, Kaitie is light-hearted, clear-headed and quick on her feet. She can roll with whatever the day throws her way because she’s already done her homework and built resilient processes. Her approach keeps us focused and ready to meet the moment.

Away from work, Kaitie brings structure and strategic thinking to activities large and small—homebuying, hiking, finding the optimal parking spot. She’s transformed her weekly grocery run into a coordinated attack, complete with aisle-based goals and predetermined rendezvous points. Kaitie makes tasks fun and makes fun more efficient.


BA, Journalism, University of Oregon

Kevin Klinskidorn-480×600
Kevin KlinskidornAssociate Creative Director

Kevin Klinskidorn

Associate Creative Director

Kevin sees the small picture. He dreams the possible. He burrows into a project’s constraints, the limitations of its medium and he emerges with practical magic. Ideas that are at once powerfully original and eminently doable.

Resourceful, imaginative, optimistic—when you work with Kevin, his best attributes have a way of becoming your own. Obstacles begin to look like opportunities. Good ideas become the launching pad to great ones. Ambitious goals move just within reach.

Kevin assembles surprising solutions from the skills he built in his unlikely career. He’s your typical indie rock bassist turned billboard printer who has also been a wedding photographer slash antique tool refurbisher. He pulled a creative writing career out of a gig proofreading for IKEA. When the going gets tough and the mission calls for a change in perspective, Kevin is already in action. He can see multiple points of view because he’s lived them.


MFA, Creative Writing, Rutgers University

BA, English, Portland State University

Kim DAmico-480×600
Kim D’AmicoAccount Director

Kim D’Amico

Account Director

When the terrain gets tricky, Kim guides the way. Her sharp eyes and deft words untangle thorny problems and unveil new paths of exploration. Kim brings more than solutions. She instills calm and confidence. And she backs them up with expertise earned in 20-plus years as a marketing executive leading in-house digital teams and agency client accounts.

Turn to Kim for crystal-clear accountability, a listening ear and an unpretentious sense of humor. Trust her to be laser-focused on what matters most: business outcomes, audience needs and taking the work more seriously than we take ourselves. Authentic and unwavering, Kim leaves no doubt that she has your back.

Kim has been an avid reader of the dark and spooky since she borrowed her friend’s paperback copy of Stephen King’s Carrie in the fifth grade. She devours horror, crime and supernatural psychodrama and loves a good kidnapping mystery. You can’t shock her. You can only inspire her to look beneath the surface and discover what’s really going on.


BS, Psychology, University of Portland


2020 AMA PDX Max Award: Email

2019 Summit Creative Award: Website Design

Kelsey de St. Germain
Kelsey de St. GermainSenior Designer

Kelsey de St. Germain

Senior Designer

Kelsey believes the beautiful thing about design is that it lives at the intersection of science and art. It starts with researching the audience and gathering whatever information she needs to make decisions that have the biggest impact. Then the fun begins as she gets lost in the task of orchestrating the elements, creating something that resonates on all cerebral levels.

It’s her marriage of psychological rationale with gorgeous aesthetics that weave credibility into each creative choice. She’s constantly immersing herself in new design trends, keeping up to date on industry news and mapping out ideas for fresh layouts. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also a wizard at InDesign, often sharing tips on how to use the software to its full capability. The result is design that’s brilliantly effective and flawlessly executed—every time.

Her passion for science and art extends beyond the workday. In her spare time, Kelsey enjoys blowing glass: dialing temperature, adjusting air pressure and manipulating angles, all while adding her own flare. On- and off-the-clock, she always creates something that inspires.


Studied Graphic Design at Kendall School of Art

Certificate in Graphic Design from Kent Technical Center

Certified in Green Design

Lindsay Goldman
Lindsay GoldmanWriter

Lindsay Goldman


If you were to peek inside Lindsay’s brain, you’d find a detective-style corkboard pinned with noteworthy nuggets of information and interest-piquing details.
She pores over the myriad of fragments until she’s found that delicate thread, that thing that makes these disparate pieces coalesce. That’s the magic. That’s the story.

And this is just the start of her work. Once she’s found the story, Lindsay holds it up to different lights, spins it around to view it from different angles, scrupulously searching for the best way to tell it. Because when done correctly, Lindsay says, a string of words can create a powerful moment of connection between the client and their audience.

Lindsay seeks out those moments of connectivity whenever and wherever she can. She finds a special kind of solace in nature and clarity in its welcomed pauses: surrounded by trees whose existence have spanned decades, with roots intertwined beneath her feet. Theirs is a story worth exploring too.


BA, summa cum laude, Liberal Studies, concentrations in Writing and Art
Minor, Photography and Women’s, Gender and Sexualities Studies
Lewis & Clark College/Portland State University
Lindsey Anderson Rios
Lindsey Anderson RiosSenior Writer

Lindsey Anderson Rios

Senior Writer

The shadowing of a Pulitzer Prize winning author. An annual international expedition. A quick trip to the grocery store. They may seem completely unrelated, but for Lindsey, each starts with one thing. A list.

No matter how big or small the task, she breaks them into easy, accomplishable steps—checking them off as she goes with a sense of joy. For her, the journey is equally as exciting as the destination.

And so it is in writing. Lindsey loves the details but keeps the big picture in mind. Clarity and flow are what she strives for—for herself and her readers.

When not meticulously plotting out next steps for articles, emails and whitepapers, she obsesses over her dog Remus or planning a next voyage with her husband. While he prefers spontaneity, she believes it never hurts to have a well-plotted backup plan tucked away in the suitcase. You never know when it might come in handy.


BA, Art and Creative Writing, Colby College


Multiple Milwaukee Press Club awards for profiles and articles

Multiple awards from the City and Regional Magazine Association

Lydia Bryan-480×600
Lydia BryanExecutive Administrative Coordinator

Lydia Bryan

Executive Administrative Coordinator

Lydia is the safety net that makes big leaps possible. Prepared, detailed and graceful under pressure, she deftly deals with the unexpected. She keeps endless acts in the air to drive the show forward. When the stakes are high and there’s little margin for error, Lydia is on top of the hidden tasks that bring soaring goals within reach.

A perceptive hyper-communicator, Lydia has a gift for getting to the heart of the matter. She probes for the real need behind every request. She asks just the right open-ended questions that clarify intentions and direction.

At home, Lydia keeps her family of three on schedule and ready for anything. Every task has a timeline. Every action has a purpose. Her daughter has a toy bin for every day of the week. She puts the details in order so they can step safely into the unknown.

Luke Heyerman
Luke HeyermanSenior Partner, Creative Director

Luke Heyerman

Senior Partner, Creative Director

Luke believes in the relentless and brave pursuit of questions. They are creative adrenaline.

Friction is a point of emphasis. As the famous Hollywood saying goes, “A happy set is a box-office flop.” Luke promotes collaborative conflict in all creative endeavors—like a plow meeting hard ground to unearth vital insights and yield a more vibrant crop.

Every brand is part of a story, and applying an eclectic range of skills, Luke helps brands define that narrative and express their role within it. He falls in love with each character, each cause, each product. Prior to FINN, Luke created global campaigns for American Express, Cisco, Facebook, HP, Salesforce and Xerox. For Walmart, he helped lead the largest omnichannel, multi-agency campaign of its time and the most successful social campaign of the holiday season. At FINN, he has played an integral part in elevating JPMorgan Chase, Charles Schwab, Prudential, PwC and VMware from industry leaders to thought leaders.

On his winding career path, Luke has also acted in Hollywood, authored children’s books, written plays and novels, taught science and music in South Central, and whispered instructions in surgeons’ ears as they implanted orthopedic devices.


BA, English, University of California, Santa Barbara

Studied at Playhouse West, Los Angeles


Education Director, Sowelu Theater, Portland

Mandy Allen-480×600
Mandy AllenTalent Acquisition Manager

Mandy Allen

Talent Acquisition Manager

Mandy is a student of human behavior. It is her job to put people in a position to succeed, and in order to do that, she must get to know each and every AHA team member better than they know themselves. But Mandy is anything but intrusive. If you’re having a rough day, she is there right when you need her. If you need space to knock out a project, she vanishes like the wind. Part observer and part nurturer, she is the glue that holds our team together and keeps us all grounded.

One of Mandy’s favorite pastimes outside of the office is film photography. Much like her work, this requires unwavering patience and attentiveness. Her talent for shining a light on those small details that have big potential is unrivaled.


Professional Certificate, Festivals/Community Events Management, Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

Psychology, University of Ottawa


Event Organizer, Vancouver Startup Weekend

Nikki Rodriguez-480×600
Nikki RodriguezCreative Director

Nikki Rodriguez

Creative Director

Call it strategic daydreaming. Focused empathy. Nikki has trained her mind to wander through the lives of the audience. What are they thinking before they encounter your story? What are they feeling the moment they experience your brand? What might inspire them to see the world differently? Her approach allows her to create designs that are more than simply gorgeous. Her work moves people into action.

Nikki tethers her imagination to fierce practicality. She designs to solve problems. She helps her team channel their energy toward the specific mission at hand—shaping the work to become more thoughtful, nuanced and ambitious.

Born in Honduras, Nikki was an internationally ranked video gamer before her design career took off and carried her to Oregon. Gamer and designer, immigrant and leader in the Portland tech community—Nikki has always been more than one thing. Which gives her the power to see the multitudes in everyone else.


BS, Political Science & Economics, Appalachian State University

BS, Early Childhood Development, Universidad Pedagogica Nacional

BA, Graphic Communications, Universidad Tecnologica


AMA Innovation Awards: Direct Marketing (Gold), Interactive Marketing (Gold), Integrated Marketing (Silver)

American Advertising Awards: Integrated Campaign (Gold), Video Series (Gold), Photography (Silver), Illustration (Silver)

American Institute of Architects: Print Ad (Gold), Large Booth (Silver)

Festival Caribe: Print Ad (Silver)

Festival Antigua: Print Ad (Bronze)

Member: PDX Women in Tech, Latinas in Tech, Ladies Get Paid, Portland Advertising Federation and the American Marketing Association

Volunteer: Girl Scouts of the USA and AIGA

Olivia CohenSenior Writer

Olivia Cohen

Senior Writer

Unnecessary furniture. Useless clutter. Gratuitous words. These are the things Olivia has no tolerance for. She prefers to keep things simple. Olivia brings her minimalist style and thoughtful intentions into every aspect of her life. And her work.

As a writer, Olivia ensures that every word adds value. No matter how great it sounds, if it can be removed and not change the integrity of the piece, it’s gone. But don’t be fooled. The brevity of her work doesn’t reflect the time she puts into it. Quite the opposite. For Olivia, simplicity and depth of understanding go hand in hand. The more background information she gets, research she does and ideas she generates, the better. Then like a seasoned sculptor, she cuts away what’s not needed to reveal her masterpiece.

Aside from writing, Oliva’s other passion is exploring new places. But one thing’s for certain. Whether living out of a 55-liter backpack in Central America for two years or spending a weekend in a new city, every trip has a purpose.


BA, Political Science, College of Charleston

BA, International Studies, College of Charleston

Owen Zaiger-480×600
Owen ZaigerBilling Analyst

Owen Zaiger

Billing Analyst

Why complicate things? Owen doesn’t. He’s on a mission to demystify the world of accounting and turn it into a tool for harmonizing agency and client success. Financial statements, invoices and numbers may be Owen’s native language, but his secret strength is translation. Bridging the gaps between the creative and financial worlds. Seeking connections. Building moments of insight and understanding.

It’s why he’s at home in our community of communicators. And it’s how he manages to infuse bill pay and payroll with equal parts precision and joy.

Away from AHA, Owen finds that joy in his Northwest surroundings. Whether hiking or swimming outdoors—or simply meeting new people and hearing their stories—Owen is all about those moments of celebration. Speaking of which, if you’re around Old Town on a free evening, he’ll be the first to invite you to a drag show


MSA, Accounting, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

BS, Business – Accounting, University of Colorado Colorado Springs

AA, Business, Pikes Peak Community College

Rebecca TaylorProject Director

Rebecca Taylor

Project Director

Rebecca deeply respects the process required to produce something remarkable. She vividly remembers watching her grandmother make each thoughtful mark to create stunning drawings that now line the walls of her own house. She sees tremendous value in being part of the process, helping it along and defending each nuance fiercely until its gratifying end. 

In her role as project manager, Rebecca sets schedules, builds budgets, manages timelines and communicates expectations—all the behind-the-scenes tasks that help creative work run smoothly. Guiding each project from inception to delivery, she answers questions, orchestrates teammates and removes any roadblocks in the way of delivering exceptional work. There’s always a way to get it done. And when that diligence results in work that wows clients, she’s filled with a satisfaction that makes her want to do it all over again.  

When she’s not working or spending time with her family, Rebecca has made a hobby of learning new skills. She dives into a topic to the point of becoming an expert, which is why she’s a Certified ScrumMaster and a licensed real estate agent. Anything could be next—just tell her it can’t be done.  


BA, Television, Film and Media Studies, California State University  


Certified ScrumMaster, Scrum Alliance 

Rod AlexanderSenior Partner

Rod Alexander

Senior Partner

Magic to meaning. Passion to purpose. For Rod, these aren’t transitions—they’re translations. From humble beginnings as an 8-year-old captivated by television commercials, his drive to master communication now centers on the impactful.

Helping businesses sell their products and services formed the bedrock of Rod’s career, but what the work provided in valuable industry experience, it lacked in personal satisfaction. That is, until he was involved in developing a series of campaigns raising awareness of infectious diseases for vulnerable populations. Then things started to click.

His passion for purpose-based marketing offered a heading toward making a difference for those in need, and Rod ran full speed ahead. He’s maintained that forward-thinking approach through the years and used it to build campaigns for several like-minded clients, including Google, lululemon, VMWare, CVS, Charles Schwab and Humana.

When he isn’t helping clients generate meaningful change in the world, Rod channels his energy into home renovation and gardening.

Sophie Shalenberg
Sophie ShalenbergSenior Designer

Sophie Shalenberg

Senior Designer

Sophie’s love of design brings together two parts of her mind: the part that loves problem-solving and the empathetic part that enjoys people and hearing the stories that shaped their lives. Together, these two aspects create clear, cogent designs that overcome business challenges and connect with the human heart—a sweet spot in visual expression.

En route to that outcome, Sophie honors the creative process. “The pursuit of clear visual messaging starts messy,” she says. “I like to explore all the options, get everything out on paper and then hone and narrow.”

Colleagues and clients count themselves lucky to have Sophie and her spirited energy on their team. She spent time working at cultural institutions and design studios in New York City and Los Angeles before finding her way to Portland and AHA.

Art, textile design, photography and interior design all provide inspirational fuel for her creativity. At home, she can often be found on the floor, painting and making with her young daughters. She believes everyone has a creative spark that deserves to be cultivated.


BA, World Arts and Cultures, UCLA
BFA, ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena

Tiffany Bell Davies-480×600
Thatcher BellSenior Designer

Thatcher Bell

Senior Designer

Thatcher is in love with the telling detail. The design that sings without a single unneeded note. He speaks in clean lines, bold color and delightful subversions of the expected. He’s happiest when his work reveals a new side of something you were sure you already knew.

A nuanced approach powers every aspect of Thatcher’s work. He clarifies and declutters. He designs moments of brilliant interactivity. He spots the straightforward solution hidden inside the complicated question.

At home, Thatcher spends weekends rehabbing vintage midcentury furniture. Applying aesthetic, technique and creativity to tried-and-true classics. His garage reeks of varnish; his living room looks like  Mad Men.


AA, Graphic Design, Portland Community College

Studied printmaking at Pacific Northwest College of Art

Tommy Botthof-480×600
Tommy BotthofSenior Project Director

Tommy Botthof

Senior Project Director

Tommy is a bodyguard for details. Schedules: balanced. Deadlines: kept. Obstacles: sidestepped with flair. Your projects have never felt safer.

Tommy uses his organizational chops to defuse stress around him. He works to create room for colleagues and clients to think big. He’s the guy quick with a warm joke on a tough day. Who offers help before you knew you needed it. Who stays late with the team working long hours, just for moral support.

At the end of the day, Tommy trades schedules and calendars for scales and chords. A guitarist and songwriter, Tommy pours his passion for authentic expression into his music, taking inspiration from artists like Elliott Smith, Iron & Wine and The National. You can also find him volunteering for the local animal sanctuary or perfecting his latest vegan recipe to nourish the soul.


BA, English, DePaul University

Vanessa Duff-480×600
Vanessa DuffCreative Director

Vanessa Duff

Creative Director

Go ahead—tell Vanessa it can’t be done. Then stand back and watch her turn water into wine. Vanessa thrives on creative challenges. She can cook a feast with bare cupboards, transform a living room into a wedding-worthy venue and pull dazzling design out of a chaotic whiteboard sketch. The stiffer the challenge, the more brilliant the outcome.

Vanessa has worked her magic for a wide range of clients, including AHA itself. One of her favorite projects: helping local heater firm Cadet overhaul its brand with a new look, feel and logo that emanate warmth and humanity. She was also part of the creative genius behind the design of our award-winning PRAXIS14 app.

Her appetite for pushing boundaries, stretching resources and exploring what’s possible extends beyond her design work. She’s passionate about all things science fiction, science fact and the nuances of spatial design.


BS, Hydrology, The Evergreen State College

Studied graphic design at Portland Community College


GRI certified

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