We’ve helped inspire employees to embrace and participate in change within some of the most influential companies in the world.

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Our success lies in listening closely, being inclusive from the start and meeting employees on their terms with messages they can relate to and tools they use right away. This approach helps people rise above the fear, confusion and pushback that change can trigger so that they can step into the future with confidence.

Making a new world of productivity come to life.  Literally.

Our client was switching to new project management software—a fundamental change to the way its employees work—and asked us for help spreading the word internally. We made it an adventure by presenting the transition as a journey to a new world and positioning the workers as brave interplanetary explorers. The campaign took off, driving employee engagement up—over three times the goal amount.


The most powerful changes often start from within. We helped one of our Big Tech clients shift internal perceptions about who its target customer is by creating a Brand Innovation Lab. The three-year program offered insights, knowledge development, training, workshops, campaigns and collaborations that inspired employees across the globe to feel a sense of ownership and empowerment about the brand.

Turning everyday achievers into superstars.

We turned employees into MVPs for a client that needed to change the game with an increased focus on quality in construction. By tapping into the power of teamwork and the competitive energy of sports culture, we created an interactive campaign that got people to see quality as something to strive toward and inspired them to take more pride in the work they do every day.


A time of change, managed well, can be a company’s most powerful moment—one to be embraced, not dreaded. A new foundation, not a disruption. Not a mandate from high, but a collaborative, shared experience.

People fear change, but you found the ways they could see it and own it on their terms. And that made all the difference. 

—Director of Change Management

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