Too many content strategies treat the audience like a number in a funnel, far too static for today’s reality. A thoughtful content strategy recognizes that beneath every business problem is a human problem.

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To connect with people in ways that drive action, we look at content strategy like a landscape. We identify the thresholds and milestones people travel through in their own way, with an insightful understanding of the different types of content, delivery methods and cadences to bring them along the journey.

When the prospect funnel is actually a threshold
For one global financial company, we helped the team see that to meet their business goals goals, it had to guide prospects toward life decisions. Because not everyone can move at the same pace, we created a program that helped each consumer navigate their own big picture. Through a flexible combination of types and forms of content, we met them at each emotional hurdle, driving a strong response that exceeded our client’s goals.

Today’s audiences demand “simple” and “relevant,” and today’s business cycles demand “fast” and “flexible.” Neither has time for average content delivered lifelessly.

We’re so happy with all the content we’ve produced this year. Our engagement has never been higher. All that time we spent developing a content strategy really paid off.

—Senior Marketing Executive

Is your current content strategy taking you exactly where you need to go?