AHA’s been doing CSR since two-sided printing was a bold new idea. Together, we’ve come a long way to today, when ESG is the breakthrough concept driving corporate social responsibility, stakeholder engagement, and most importantly, meaningful change and measurable impact.

CSR and ESG programs


Strategy and insights

Communications planning


Success in CSR and ESG programs

AHA is trusted by the Fortune 500 when stakes are high and the world is watching. Decades of experience creating programs, communications and reports for powerhouse clients have built experience in industries as diverse as tech, construction, toys and entertainment, apparel, telecoms, consulting and financial services.


We know that deeply understanding sustainability, CSR and ESG requires specialized knowledge. Our teams keep pace with the evolving landscape, using their creative skills to translate the lingo into award-winning communications for audiences at every level of know-how.

CSR works best when leaders champion it, and we’ve helped leaders find their voice and inspire their teams, customers, partners and investors.

We believe deeply in CSR, but cannot believe in CSR as an aside. We’ve helped embed it into the very framework of a global consulting company on one hand, a toy and entertainment giant on another, and good handful in between.

We’ve shepherded tentative teams through their first foray into CSR reporting, and we guided long-standing leaders to new heights.


Our approach is holistic and connected. Your strategy comes to life across multiple platforms, compelling stakeholders of all kinds to understand and take action.

You have been there for us through all of this. Thank you for always seeing our CSR as something more than just those reports that few people read. We are far ahead of where we had been, and that is because of you.

—Lead for CSR and Supply Chain Sustainability

How much has your CSR done for you?