Man putting up new posters on a wall

Yesterday’s boring OSHA posters in break rooms are long gone. And good riddance—they were never a solution capable of meeting the need. And people, plans and bottom lines suffered from it.

Health and safety



Campaign activation


Reinventing what a modern safety culture looks like

We know how to reach today’s employees, whose shorter attention spans demand rapid relevance and health and safety content delivered in ways they actually appreciate.

Our Fortune 10 internet services client needed something bold to challenge complacency in its workplace safety program. By recasting common hazards as comic book supervillains, we surprised and delighted employees with engaging stories that presented safe workplace practices in a way that made them stop and take notice. Engagement more than tripled over the first year. Safety observation reports increased by 471%. And accidents trended down throughout the course of the campaign.


Later, seeing the power of this campaign and how it engaged the company’s global workforce, we expanded the storylines to address the vital topic of mental health hazards in the workplace and offer resources and strategies for dealing with them.

The always-on/always-faster demands of the health care industry can lead to potential “safety blindness” for workers in their day-to-day duties. We helped one of the world’s largest global health corporations create a safety culture for its workers that focuses on and celebrates their individual strengths, making safety about empowerment and well-being, not just compliance.

Making safety personal

There is no shortage of dangers on a construction site—especially when you’re building infrastructure on a massive scale for data centers around the world. We helped workers be more aware of their surroundings on the job with a campaign focused around their most important tools: eyes, ears, hands and awareness of their surroundings.


A strong company culture with a focus on health and safety is one of the most powerful things a leader can give their team. It helps prove to each person that they’re a valued member of the company. And relatable, unexpected communications help spark conversations and behaviors that last far beyond the rollout.

I have never, and I mean never, seen teams actually look forward to our next safety comms. You cracked a code with our ops teams, and they are loving it.

—EHS Communication Program Manager

What could elevating your health and safety conversations do for you?