Citizenship is about people.

Corporate responsibility report

The situation

Microsoft’s citizenship report was stale. It was out of sync with its brand image as a dynamic, colorful and people-first technology company. The passion and personality of Microsoft’s people were missing. The company needed a fresh, engaging approach—a way to take dry, data-heavy reporting and give it life.

What we did

We brought the voice, heart and passion of Microsoft employees to the report. We added people-focused feature articles and vibrant infographics to illustrate the human impact of its technologies. Striking the balance between readability and credibility was key. Every section had to pass the “neighbor test,” with language that was accessible enough to interest the family next door while also satisfying stakeholder demands for accountability and transparency.

What happened next

  • One delighted client reported that even her mother would now understand what Microsoft is doing about CSR.
  • Microsoft’s senior manager of corporate citizenship called it “the best report Microsoft has produced in 11 years of CSR reporting.”


What we did
  • CR programs, communications, and reporting
  • Content and storytelling
  • Branding and design
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