Simply Organic
Brand voices need spice.

Brand voice and tone

The situation

How do you stand out in a crowded market? Specifically, a crowded grocery market? Simply Organic was about to bring its line of organic products to mainstream grocery stores—side by side with the major players in the spice aisle. To establish a presence on store shelves and in customers’ hearts, we needed to create a distinctive flavor for the growing brand.

What we did

We started by developing a brand voice and tone that distilled the brand to its very essence. We explored why dirt is so important to a home cook who cares about wholesome ingredients. What authenticity would sound like to a master griller. What adding flavor could do for the family meal

What happened next

  • Our brand and voice guide set the foundation for brand collateral and packaging that drew in consumers at the store and kept them engaged at home.
  • Uplifting messages tucked inside the bottle caps of the spice jars surprised consumers in their own kitchens. Each one gave home cooks a personal moment to reflect and also helped build community among Simply Organic customers.

Simply Organic

What we did
  • Vision, values and culture
  • Brand narrative
  • Content and storytelling
  • Branding and design
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